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Below you’ll find some of the most commonly asked questions here at Learn manchester.

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Q: I have a number of standing orders I pay each month, would it be possible to set up a system so these bills can be processed.

A: Yes we can set up what is called a recurring entry for these standing orders and when the standing orders are due a message will prompt you to process these when your computer is switched on.

Q: Is there any way of keeping an eye on my cashflow and credit control area of my business?

A: Yes we can set up a credit control area where the cashflow can be managed

Q: I struggle with working out my V.A.T. every quarter, is there a way I can do this through Sage accounts?

A: Yes we can show you how to work out your V.A.T. returns by just a click of a button, as long as the information is put in correctly i.e. your sales and purchase invoices.

Q: I pay my customers through BACS, can this be set up with Sage accounts.

A: Learn Manchester can set up your Sage accounts that will automatically include E-banking facilities.

Q: Can the training be done at our business premises.

A: Yes the training can be done in any registered business in the greater Manchester area.

Q: I understand certain areas of Sage Accounts, would it be possible for Learn Manchester to teach me specific areas of the software.

A: Yes Learn Manchester will be able to provide bespoke training for any company.

Q: Would it be possible for Learn Manchester to set my new Sage software up on our computer and input our company details?

A: Yes this can be done if required Learn Manchester charge an hourly rate with a minimum of 3 hours.

Q: I have been using my Sage Accounts software and need to upgrade to a later version, would it be possible for Learn Manchester to come in and upgrade this for us?

A: Yes this can be done with any of the Sage accounts products.

Q: The nominal code accounts do not show some of the areas of my business, can I add to the nominal codes?

A: Yes as long as the nominal code layout has been set up properly you can add to these codes.

Q: What is a nominal code?

A: A nominal code is where all your company accounts are held, these make up your companies assets, liabilities, income and expenditure according to the categories set up in your chart of accounts.

Q: I am in the middle of my financial year can I transfer my information over to Sage Accounts software?

A: Yes you can use the sage software at any time.

Q: I have purchased the Sage Instant Accounts software but would like to wait until I am fully trained in this product before I start, can Learn Manchester help?

A: Yes we can, we can train and also help you to get started inputting all your company information until you feel comfortable with doing the bookwork yourself.

Q: Will I be able to produce regular profit and loss reports?

A: Yes as long as the information is up to date you can run a profit and loss report as often as you like

Q: I have three different cake shops, would it be possible to put all my accounts onto one package and see if each one is making a profit?

A: Yes with Sage Line 50 you can have a number of different shops or businesses and each business can be recorded separately.